The “Kiss Kiss Bank Bank” adventure allowed us to collect more than 3000 €. January was very intense in term of promotion. We thank you for all the e-mails of support from fans, friends and relatives received.

On behalf of the whole Afrique 3D team, we thank you again for your contribution.

Thanks to you, we produced for the first half of February:

  • Usb key with the 10 songs + 2 bonus + clip+ teaser + mixtape + visual
  • 5 vinyls 45t (Chapter Lingala, Yoruba, Swali, Bariba, Mauritania)
  • 2 Tee-shirts ( Black fast car, Red “Chui pas bo”)


You can find all these products + gifts( serigraphy, keychain) in a design box numbered to 1 until 100.


Now, we are going to harness the promotion and distribution but also built a live.
Meet our team for the first live at Aeronef in Lille, the 25th February 2016 features Jeremy Ellis.